LNFS support the vision and goals of The People’s Football Association

The club-owned National Futsal League Community Interest Company runs the LNFS England futsal league (www.lnfsengland.org) in four divisions across England. Founded in 2008, the league is affiliated with the FA, which is the FIFA-mandated National Governing Body for the three football disciplines of association football (soccer), futsal, and beach soccer.

Futsal in England is relatively small in comparison to football, and this is reflected in the low level of resource invested in the sport by the FA when compared with many other national associations. This disparity in the size of these two football disciplines has also contributed to several structural problems in the way that futsal is governed by the FA without transparency, democratic accountability, or engagement with futsal stakeholders.

As Peter Sharples, Business Director for the National Futsal League CIC says: “Even in the “good” years the FA devoted less than 0.3% of its turnover and only a tenth of the time of one member of HQ staff to futsal. Now the Covid pandemic has been used as an excuse to slash even that low level of investment by over 80%. Being governed unaccountably by the NGB for a different sport is like being colonised by a foreign power – they don’t understand us and don’t trust us to run our own sport. It’s as if basketball was put in charge of netball, tennis was told to look after badminton…or rugby football was also told to do whatever the FA dictated. We desperately need a change in governance if our sport is to grow and prosper.”

The LNFS England have joined The People’s Football Association to make the biggest change in English football governance in 157 years. Peter Sharples will be part of the People’s Football Association steering committee.

The decision by LNFS England now highlights again that the public and football community have no faith in the current governance of our national governing body.

In September this year, The People’s FA launched their blueprint proposal for a new governance structure of The English Game. www.thepeoplesfa.com

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A new petition was recently set up: Petition · Change The Football Association governance – Together make the biggest change in 157 years · Change.org and we ask the public, fans and football participants to sign.